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Sunday, 24 February 2013


Inking on the pages at this dead time 
Jobless, hopeless and devoid of any melody or chime

I overheard someone say love is in the air
I rose to grab, but in vein, is it fair?

The thin air whispered in my ear
It’s not love its February winter go get something to wear

A shriek emanated from the adjacent room
With my pants still halfway, I ran to found the doom

Poor chap was cajoling the ‘lady’ on line
By a single minute he had missed the 12’o clock wish deadline

Out of curiosity I inquired by passers what was the scene?
Pitying me for my feigning they left but made me more keen

Determined, I got hold of a ‘stud’, what is the rush all about?
Sensing a bereaved,’ stud’ in an unusual calm voice informed me its love night

Cajoling ‘poor chap’ suddenly crossed my mind for a while
Was this really the night of love for they were ready to walk the mile

Then it dawned upon me I am single and still waiting for my love of day
I echoed “will be different “and it won’t start in feb and end in may

If not today, I will wait a decade to make you mine
One day, yes, you will be my valentine

DEDICATED TO GIRL who has the cutest smile in this whole world :)

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