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Tuesday, 5 June 2012


A sky of stars and fireflies
glow of one complementing the other
the humming breeze and the dancings sky
hearts swaying to the tune like feather
amidst the soothing music
were the bodies gyrating to the tune
the fireplace and the wide open sky
hands clung to waists and at top the gazing moon
such was the passion that 
each step was in sync 
the velvety dark sky was transfixed
at the svelte rhythm that it missed to wink 
with the dark were
the things turning intense
tighter holds and heavier breathes
eyes exuding exuberant desire and loosing of sense
sweat beads resting on both love stricken faces
for the flame of burning desire
was causing an upheavel 
as from ages two souls were burning in fire
with trembling hands he caressed her
from breasts to her lips and to her mole
no sign of lust but the desire in pristine form 
the desire to amalgamate two bodies in one soul
and then followed the silence
Piercing silence,lost into each other
no words ;just the lips quivering in thrill
in anticipation of living a dream together 
the tiny drops of fuming passion 
the wetness of her lips
dissolved into those of the boy
and everything else seemed to cease in their name