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Sunday, 24 February 2013


Numbing Chill in the air spark stimuli
To Slain a dream or eluding the memory
A dream of face shimmering with a radiant smile
A memory of laugh shared for a while
Dusty layers of past, thick into my today
A dream of perseverance, a dream driving my everyday
Dream of black curls keep me awake
Memory of last embrace, the first kiss we make
A dream lives in first ray of sun
Cauldron of energy, haul of gun
A memory becomes a feathery touch on cheek
When the pieces of broken dream make me weak
When the dream becomes passion
Memory feels bilked, a part of session
When the memory becomes reality
My dream cries infidelity
Confined in the nothingness of this dimensionless sky
Temptation of both the seductions lure me high
The chill in the air spark stimuli
To slain a dream or eluding the memory

dedicated to TWO MOST BEAUTIFUL LADIES in my life who carved the course of my past and present 

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