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Sunday, 20 November 2011


 Sometimes in the mid of this swiftly running life when I look back….

 I see myself running in an endless rat race where the aim lack(s)…..

Sometimes when tired of fleeing from myself I sit, I wonder how gravely life has taken its turn……

When I was a kid, leisure was playing with friends and fighting with sister and tears were only fear of leaving mom when going to school to learn…..

Sometimes when sick of acting blind, I open my eyes hoping to care….

I see myself trapped in a cage of adulthood having no time for fun, no time for joy. I have bundles of green papers which can buy dozens of pizzas with extra toppings but I can’t find a friend to share……

Sometimes in moonlit nights when I miss my mom, when I wish to get her lap to cry out my heart, I curse myself for being so far….

So far and so occupied that I don’t find the time to appreciate the beauty passing by me, when I miss those leisure bike rides I feel myself like a bug trapped in a glass jar…..

Sometimes I wonder how I became a part of this endless race……

I had an ambition, I had a love but now that ambition has subsided, that love is gone, I lost myself in my own life’s pace……

No time to play, no time to read, I miss my life’s rhyme…

Sometimes I feel I lack time even to miss that time…..

Running aimlessly only to take lead but sometimes I feel even winning will only give pain…..

I will still be a loner at the top who will cry looking down at a bunch of friends dancing in rain………..

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