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Saturday, 4 October 2014

the oblivion...

The grayness of my thoughts, the oblivion
My transit to an alighted state, I wander for a reason
Dodging the cuffs of ‘pompous’ reality
I dissolve my existence into the ‘serene’ lie

Away from the repelling scars of judging eyes
In my revolting thought my solace lies
A thought so small, yet so adamant
To triumph the shackles of this ‘regular’ world, walk beyond its hateful rant
Their monotonous prejudice ,dead but walking
So same , the air reeks of stagnancy in the ghetto locking
I walk free, free from slavery of ‘ sane’s ’
We still together, can walk, in those lanes
Beyond the physical boundaries, I will meet you in my dream
Eternal, forever, no brow creaking when we gleam
We will bloom together in an idea of a child
Eternal, forever young, free and wild.

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