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Friday, 6 April 2012

MY LITTLE BROTHER(requested by my one friend)

Back to the memory lane
Amidst those winter and rain 

Vividly capturing those good old days 
Running together for the maggi and lays 

Sweet sharing of secrets and those endless fights 
Grinning on scoldings and those magic-spelled days and nights 

Hitting you sometimes out of rotten mood
Then crying in a corner for I was rude

When world seemed weary and hopes were ‘LIE’
Your smiling presence again lifted me high

When world seemed desolated and trusted were few
With my dearest secrets I confided in you 

Around you my little world is pinned 
In you I found a child, a brother and a best friend

Time may change its tune , but this sissy-bro duo will always rock 
You will always be my sweetest melody among every hip or hop

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